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December 1, 2014

iThink Funding

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  In a recent blog, Marissa Silvermann suggests that the proliferation of misleading claims in support of music education may do more damage than good, undermining the true value of the arts in education. Advocacy in the form of anecdotal and qualitative stories tend to limit the impact of more meaningful studies.

The importance of the arts in education, especially music, is enormous. The justification for music education programs must be objective and tangible leaving no doubt that society and business require the thought processes developed through music study as fundamental tools for building a better world.

Integrative Thinking (iThink) is the foundation of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto (rated in the top ten business schools in the world) and is one of the first methodologies to tackle leadership and creativity in an academic business setting. Since its introduction in 2000, it has steadily gained credibility and is now promoted worldwide as a creative learning method under the iThink canopy.

Music education has implemented the basic concepts of the iThink method for over 40 years. It is no coincidence that musicians have gone on in their lives to become successful leaders and innovators. The big-picture approach to music (iThink: salience, causality, architecture) and its subjective nature (iThink: abductive reasoning) develop the leadership skills and creativity that are often missed in the study of sciences alone.

The infrastructure and curriculum for iThink-based music education programs are already in place and ready for expansion. Governments are constantly searching for ways to improve the urban landscape of their communities (e.g. the Creative Class, Richard Florida) as well as foster an environment of entrepreneurship and business innovation. Their most efficient path to success may be as simple as increasing investment and support for music education.

Integrative Thinking provides a tangible link between music education and government-friendly business initiatives.

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