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July 1, 2008

Speedo LZR

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  One of the key objectives in new swimsuit design technology is the elimination of turbulence caused by oscillating skin.  Manufacturers use the word “compression” to describe how a corset-like suit, that takes up to a half hour to put on, forms and holds the body in optimum position.  By decreasing votex activity at the interface level, water flows by the body freely and unencumbered. 

The “core stabilizer” maintains the optimum hydrodynamic form by 1) holding tight muscles and body parts, 2) providing body length rigidity and 3) reducing muscle fatigue thereby preventing hips from hanging low in the water .  The suit uses water-repellent surfaces and ultrasound-welded seams to reduce wave and friction drag.

The principles applied in the design of the LZR are all based on minimizing vortex activity around the body.  NASA used wind tunnels and “computational fluid dynamics” to find the key areas to reduce drag and apply compression.  Many of these same ideas can be applied (without the LZR) to improve swimstroke efficiency.

Each suit is good for approximately five swims (due to stretching) and is priced at approximately $500.00.  Although the suit is credited with breaking world records, it may not be the suit-of-choice for recreational swimmers.

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