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June 26, 2008

6000 Years

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  Truth is a matter of perspective involving time, place and available information.

A classic misrepresentation of truth (and time) was the 17th century declaration by Archbishop Ussher of Armagh and his contemporary John Lightfoot.  Based on ‘information found in the bible’, they proclaimed that the earth was created on Saturday October 23, 4004 BCE, at 9:00am.  Ussher used biblical references for time (it rained for 40 days; Jesus lived for 33 years) and stories (October because apples were on the tree; Saturday because it took all week) to establish the date.  Considering that there was little progress in geological sciences until the 18th century and the existence of the dinosaur was not confirmed until the early 19th century, the Archbishop’s enthusiasm can be forgiven.

It is amazing that even today some people quote this declaration as fact, stating that the information is confirmed in the bible.  The successful mass marketing of this bogus story is the result of a person of authority promoting a misinterpreted truth.  This point is important.  The texts of the bible were written in the vernacular of the era with stories pertaining to the established beliefs of the time.  Because it is likely much of the truths derived from the bible are determined with insufficient and/or self-serving information, most interpretations can be considered of questionable merit.

The world’s religions rely heavily on decisions, edicts and interpretations handed down by their leaders.  Fact-challenged data and truth by authority combine to create a powerful marketing campaign.

Knowledge and information will change just as leaders and opinions will change.  As a result, our interpretation of truth requires constant review and a relentless application of reason.  Truth, as well as life, must continually evolve.

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