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August 28, 2015

Armageddon Lite 1.0

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  Our homegrown electricity backup system is working: six solar panels feed two 100Ah batteries that run a mini-fridge and mini-freezer. It may seem that Armageddon Lite 1.0 is about cold beer and ice, but it is really about heat.

It was the power blackout in Toronto during December 2013 that inspired this nerd adventure. Our natural gas boiler furnace needed 460 watts of electricity to operate and we had no power for three cold sub-zero days. The solar system produces approximately 8 amps of current on sunny days and is backed up by a 110V battery charger on days with grid power and a 110V gas generator on days without grid power. During cold-weather blackouts, the fridge and freezer are unplugged and the furnace is plugged in.

The system framework provides for easy expansion and Armageddon Lite 2.0 will likely include additional solar panels and batteries to reduce the dependency on the battery-charger backup system.


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