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April 28, 2014


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  Monovision is a term used to describe the accommodation of one eye to improve a weakness, such as presbyopia or farsightedness. Contact lenses, laser surgery and prescription glasses use monovision. A typical application has one eye focused for distance and the other focused for reading. The brain determines which eye is providing the most useful information and it ignores input from the other.

Bifocals provide a simple solution for presbyopia. The top half of a lens is set for distance (often simply clear glass) and the bottom half for reading. Bifocals are excellent for many situations but they often require pivoting the head to adjust focus. For example, descending stairs can be dangerous because the stairs are viewed through the bottom half of the lens.

The “bifocal monocle” combines 1) a solution for presbyopia with 2) the benefits of monovision. By assigning the task of reading to only one half of one eye, the brain is free to process stereovision information from everywhere else. There is no loss of peripheral vision from eyeglass frames. There is no surgical adjustment to the eye lens from laser, which can be permanent. And unlike prescriptive and contact lenses, monocles are inexpensive and adaptable.

The mofocal (mofo-kel) has become my lens of choice for almost all activity. It is perfect for driving as I can now read my dashboard. It is great for shopping as price tags and best-before dates are now crystal clear. It is safe descending stairs as I now have the luxury of monovision for that angle and distance. It is excellent for meetings as I am able to take notes and maintain eye contact without tipping my head. I do, however, occasionally prefer regular glasses when I have a lot to read. And enthusiastic chewing and animated discussion can sometimes cause the mofocal to fall out. But still, a great mofo experiment!

The monocle and a 2.0 strength stick-on bifocal lens were purchased over the internet for less than $30.


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