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October 26, 2010

Kayak Toronto

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  Toronto Harbourfront extends from the Music Garden (near Bathurst) to the new Sugar Beach (near Jarvis). Street cars, bikepaths and walkways connect over 2 kilometres of restaurants, theatres, ferries, marinas, and boat rentals to the downtown core. The crown jewel of the Toronto waterfront is Toronto Island, a 500 acre, 13 island archipelago in the heart of the city, home to several yacht clubs, public parks, a bird sanctuary, and a select group of very fortunate residents.

I was one of a dozen kayakers on a Night Cruise through Ontario Place last summer, organized by the Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre. Entering Ontario Place from the west at 8pm, we passed the Chinese Lantern Festival (an amazing view from the water) and then navigated the streams and tunnels of the OP property. We exited under the main walkway and through the Yacht Club.  At 10pm, we found ourselves resting mid-harbour taking in a spectacular view of the city night skyline from water level.

Owned and operated for the past five years by Dave Corrigan and his wife, Clare, the success of the Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre is a tribute to Dave’s hard work and effort. Dave has extensive experience in paddling, ecology, nature and tripping, and his calm and professional character make the excursions fun and educational.

It is easy to forget about Toronto during the summer, but kayaking through the islands offers a great escape from summer in the city. I recommend the stress-free evening Social Paddles (W/R/F 6pm-8pm). Come via subway and street car – no gear required. Dave calls it a mini-holiday; I call it peace and quiet.

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