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March 28, 2010

We Have Ignition!

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  The 2kW solar panel array on my rooftop is now fully operational and sending power into the province’s power grid. How cool is that?

Ten 5′ x 3′ panels are wired into an inverter, which converts DC solar energy into 220VAC, and feed an export meter located on the outside wall of our house, adjacent to the import meter. The “series” system connects both meters directly to the 200 amp electrical panel in our basement. Thus far, the inverter indicates a variable range from zero (no direct sunshine) to 1780 watts (mid-afternoon), which I assume is OK for an early-spring day.

A bright, mid-afternoon, summertime sun should generate approximately $1.50/hour for two or three hours per day. My first job in 1972 was pushing carts at Loblaws and it, too, paid $1.50/hour for a few hours per day. Solar power production is certainly not a fountain of cash flow, and the ten-year-plus return on investment is hardly exciting. But it still beats pushing carts.


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