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January 22, 2010

Traders Unlimited

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  Buy-and-hold investing and day-trading are two of the most commonly used terms for describing stock market strategies. Using these as opposite extremes, the middle ground is populated by a huge spread of investment styles. At the conservative end of the spectrum (buy-and-hold), strategies include dividend, growth, ETF, international, value, and sector investing. Toward the more volatile end (day-trading), techniques include trend, position, momentum, swing, and candlestick.

It is extremely unlikely that an investor would utilize only one of these investment styles on its own. Every individual is unique and brings to the table a variety of interests, skills, and expectations that ultimately define their own strategy. This variety of creative possibilities (combined with gambling overtones and general discontent with professional money managers) has attracted unprecedented numbers of individuals to on-line portfolio management.

Traditionally limited to the realm of RSPs, investors are opening personal and corporate accounts to maximize their return on effort and time invested in market study. The new TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) is a spectacular vehicle for stock investment as they are sheltered from capital gain taxes, which are in excess of 40% when applied personally.

Start slow, listen to experts, find an area of interest, create a plan. Regardless of your ultimate personal investment strategy, be it a sector focus on dividends or a two-minute candlestick flip, access to the stock market and investment advice has never been better and it behooves you to become educated about what is happening to your money.

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