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April 30, 2009

Kick Bike

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  A Kick Bike is a chain-free greaseless alternative to the bicycle. The front tire is mountain bike-style (26 inches) and the back tire is smaller (16 inches). It is equipped with standard front and back caliper hand brakes and weighs in at a mere 25 pounds. There is no seat. There are no pedals. The centre step platform is low to the ground and provides the optimum position for pushing forward with the foot.

Riding a Kick Bike has been described as a cross between cycling and jogging. The pendulum-like leg action (push, swing, swing) is smooth and low-impact, and timing the swing with a light push from the arms creates an efficient forward momentum. Switching feet is done with a quick heel-toe exchange on the platform. The Kick Bike can be used for a full body workout or a relaxing cruise through the park.

I bought one this week and it is cool! My inaugural trip was fourteen miles, from North Toronto to the Beach and back. The Kick Bike is very popular in Europe and new to the North American market, but if the attention and comments gleaned on this first excursion are any indication, the prospects for the bike in Canada are excellent. Mine is black and equipped with upturned racer handlebars; it is a road-bike first and a “scooter-on-steroids” second.

The Kick Bike is easy to use and a lot of fun. It is designed in Finland and sold in Ontario through distribution. For more information, click here…

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