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November 1, 2008

BIT Intranet

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  BIT Intranet is a shareware file management system that provides a controlled homepage framework to display documents, photos and reports via a pull-down menu located in a top-of-page BITBar. Designed for small businesses, BIT Intranet is a simple means of sharing documents, photos, audio, video, reports and information company-wide using only a web-browser and a Local Area Network.

The BIT Intranet© BITBar features a customized location bar, menu bar and page title for your intranet site as well as an automatically created pull-down menu of up to 200 documents.  Pre-formatted reports from any number of different applications can be written to the intranet in seconds. Updating intranet content is as simple as copying the new file into the intranet directory.

Unique in the market, BIT Intranet provides a low-tech, zero-maintenance solution that easily disseminates information company-wide without third party assistance or specialized web-authoring software. The program is simple, efficient and economical:
1)  No web server software or ‘back office’ controls
2)  No specialized web-authoring software
3)  No knowledge of HTML coding or protocols required

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