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August 23, 2008

Facebook SNOT

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  SNOT – Sycophantic Narcissists Offloading Themselves

Facebook is a scary 21st century phenomenon. Glorifying mediocrity in the pursuit of fifteen minutes of fame can be a rewarding boost to the ego, but it is hardly a noble or practical use of time and effort. As a logical extension of today’s instant-gratification/Idol-driven society, Facebook has found its niche as the premier hub of shallowness on the internet.

The hilarious picture of you talking to Ralph on the porcelain telephone is not so funny when taken out of context. These classic “faceplant” entries rarely represent an individual’s lifestyle or accomplishments, yet they can affect personal and professional lives for many years. Requesting the removal of compromising photos or anecdotes rarely eliminates the evidence. As all conspiracy theorists are aware, any photo appearing on the internet for even a short time will end up in an archived file somewhere and will be available to anyone with the determination to find it. The show-and-tell-all repercussions have extended to the courtroom where, for example, a defendant’s apparent lack of remorse provided grounds for a prolonged internment.

The dictionary defines snot as nasal mucus or phlegm. Snot is also defined as an annoying, arrogant or impertinent person. Although the concept of a nose (snotty) as the centre of a face (book) draws an interesting parallel, Facebook SNOT are typically not annoying, arrogant or impertinent by nature. Misguided, perhaps; everyone in society has a responsibility to think just a little bit beyond self-gratification.

Facebook members cannot be held responsible for the relentless dumbing-down of society as they are much less cause than effect. The social website is pervasive and addictive and we can only hope that it will soon be relegated to the novelty-item shelf where it belongs.

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