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May 24, 2008

Eye Coward

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Presbyopia is a degeneration in the ability to read due to a loss in elasticity of the crystalline lens. Although the actual science is not fully understood, it happens to everyone and typically kicks in around the age of forty. I suffer from it.

I examined laser surgery options and found that they promote “monovision” which sets one eye for distance (the dominant) and one eye for reading, relying on the brain to choose the appropriate eye for cognition. They suggest solving the problem with either invasive surgery (slicing your retina) or non-invasive surgery (bombarding twelve points on your retina with high intensity radio-waves).

I am uncomfortable with committing each eye to just one of either distance or reading. In reality, I am a coward. But I liked the concept of mono-vision and had a pair of glasses made that have clear glass on one side and a 2.0 reading prescription on the other. The obvious benefit is that I still have access to stereo vision by 1) removing my glasses for distance or 2) using inexpensive reading glasses for reading.

Fast forward six months, I am very happy with the results. The glasses are perfect for work providing a seamless connection between reading, writing, computers, menus, meetings, conversations and driving. It takes less than one half hour every day to get completely comfortable with the mono-frames; the initial period is somewhat like viewing the world through 3-D glasses. But the brain adapts quickly and although I still have a prosthetic device sitting on my nose, it is a wonderful compromise.

May 20, 2008

Lighter Shade of Gray

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Gray hair is just the beginning. With middle age comes a graying of opinion, a deviation from the melodramatic, black/white, right/wrong views of youth. An acceptance of disagreement takes over yielding an openness to other’s behaviors and views. Is it experience? Possibly. Is it respect? Maybe. Is it despondence? Likely. But bitching and moaning never solved anything and the gene pool needs creativity as much as it needs conformity. It takes all kinds and there is room for hue too.

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